YOUniq Wellness Discovery Consultation

 If We’re Going to Talk Let’s Make it Count!


noun: the action or process of discovering

Without a doubt, the most common source of frustration our clients have when we first start working together is just not having a good explanation for why they feel the way they do. It is not unusual for our new clients to have seen half a dozen or more other doctors, of all persuasions, and still not know what’s wrong, let alone what to do about.

I would like to fix that.

The very first step is to schedule our YOUniq Wellness Discovery Consult and get an initial set of comprehensive labs done beforehand. We can either use your insurance, or arrange to have our Initial Comprehensive Labs done through our low-cost cash account with Labcorp.

The YW Discovery Consult is a 90-minute one-on-one with me (Dr. Noseworthy), either in person or virtual, and defines the starting point of your road to recovery. We spend about 45 minutes of that time digging into your history looking for Patterns and Pivot Points before we review your labs.

  • PATTERNS are consistent “themes” relating to your health that clue us in to where your body is struggling the most to maintain wellness

  • PIVOT POINTS are times, or events, where your health and wellness changed noticeable, either for the better or the worse

  • Understanding your Patterns and Pivot points can create fantastic insight into the WHY, which leads to the HOW of getting better

Once I have a handle on the scope of your situation, and where your greatest challenges lie, we review your initial blood lab results, matching what we find to your main complaints so that you can understand that there IS a real problem, and no, it is not all in your head.

It’s important for you to understand that we don’t look at labs the way most doctors do. You see most doctors are looking for diseases to manage (usually with drugs or surgery and usually for life). And while we have to do that too (it would be irresponsible for me not to), we go the extra step, and interpret your labs from a functional/wellness standpoint – something your typical doctor doesn’t even think to do (because they are not trained that way).

YOUniq Wellness Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

We tackle blood chemistry analysis from a different perspective. Instead of asking “what disease do you have?”, we ask the following:

Where have you lost wellness and function?
How can we get that back?
And can we do that with natural approaches?

I have not yet met a potential client who has said to me, “Doc, just give me a pill to control my symptoms and I will be fine.” In fact, that’s exactly what they are NOT looking for. My clients want to know the cause of their lack of wellness, they recognize they are on the wrong path and headed in the wrong direction, and are willing to do whatever it takes to avoid being dependent on meds for life. They are interested in optimizing their diets and lifestyles, and which nutritional supplements will correct the Dysfunction that is leading them down the wrong path.


You see the YOUniq Wellness question, and the Conventional-Disease question are at opposite ends of the same spectrum, but they are related. A loss of wellness is the root cause of disease. And while you can have lost wellness and not have a diagnosable disease, ALL diseases or diagnosable “conditions” necessarily include the loss of wellness.


Your body and all of it’s systems, has a blueprint, a Design that optimizes function.


Symptoms show up first, as you lose wellness and Design gives way to Dysfunction


Uncorrected, Dysfunction leads to a diagnosable Disease

There is a progression here, where you go from your body operating as it was Designed to, slipping into a state of Dysfunction as you begin to lose wellness, and if left uncorrected this progression ends up with something that can be diagnosed as a Disease.

And the brilliance of the YOUniq Wellness approach is that even if you already have been given a diagnosis, restoring wellness to the greatest extent possible is your best chance of backing out of Disease states, restoring function and quality of life so that things work as they are supposed to (Design).

In my YOUniq Wellness system, we are responsible TO you, but not FOR you. There is a difference.

I can craft the most beautiful wellness program you have ever seen, but I can’t do it for you. I can guide you, teach you, educate and empower you – but at the end of the day you are the only one who has the power to make it happen. So in that regard, we are your coaches and teachers, and you are the student.

Your Symptoms, Your Story, Your Status

I will tell you that of all the things we talk about in your history and your labs, your symptoms are not really the most important part of the Discovery process. You see, while there is value in talking about your symptoms, there is even greater value in understanding your Story.

Your Story is how your symptoms are affecting you as a person. How do you see your quality of life, and do you feel like you are fulfilling your potential in life and the roles that you play? Where are you headed with the road your on and how serious are you about taking control and changing your destination?

The crux of the matter is that you have the power to change your destination by doing something different. An old saying suggests that you can’t solve your current problems with the same thinking (and habits) you had when you created them. So if you want to end up somewhere other than where you are headed with your health and wellness, you need to change your path – change what you do, how you do it and most importantly why you do it. You will need to stop doing somethings you do now, while some things you can keep doing but in a different way. And there are probably some things you are not doing now that you will need to start doing.

After listening to your symptoms and your story, it’s time to move on to your Status – that’s where the labs come in. Our initial, comprehensive labs, interpreted from our functional-wellness perspective, gives us the best view of your foundation – the key systems that all others are based on. Just like in a building, if the foundation is weak the whole building will shake, and maybe fall down. Your body is designed the very same way.

There are some systems that are more fundamental than others, and they are so critical to health and wellbeing, and the proper function of other systems, that we consider them “deal breakers” when something is not right. Meaning that if we don’t fix those things first, then other things we might need to do won’t budge all that much – because they need to be set on a good foundation.

But while a good set of labs is critical to the foundational understanding of your Status, which helps us understand and address your Story and your Symptoms, blood work can not tell us everything about either your foundation, or other systems we might need to explore. So after we review your labs and explain how they fit into your Story, we will talk about which YOUniq Wellness Program is the best fit for you.

At the very least, most clients need not only a set of comprehensive initial labs but also the other two foundational tests to complete their picture – saliva testing (for adrenals and basic hormones) and a stool test to check for gut infections. So whether your best fit is our 4-month Foundations Program, or a more detailed and customized Truly YOUniq Program, everything starts with your Wellness Discovery Consult.

Are You Ready to be a Student of Wellness?

We are all on a journey and a path – with all aspects of life. Sometimes the lessons come easy. Other times…not so much. Sometimes we are faced with a decision to make – “Do I continue doing what I have been doing that has led me to this place, or am I ready for a different path, and a different outcome?”

I ask all of our new clients these questions during their Discovery Consult.

How badly do you want to get well?
What kind of student are you?
Are you ready to learn how to change what needs to change?
Are you ready to learn how to take care of yourself?


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