Truly YOUNiq Wellness Programs


My Truly YOUniq Wellness Program includes the same foundational elements as the 4-Month Foundations Program, but goes beyond that for a degree of customization that is truly YOUniq to you. So while we begin the process with comprehensive labs, saliva and stool testing, we craft a more detailed Diagnostic Strategy based on your history, the complexity of your situation and how aggressive you want to be in discovering what you need to change.

While it takes about 4-months to work through the foundational issues, the Truly YOUniq process can run anywhere from 8-12 months in total, all depending on the number, and types of issues we discover in your diagnostics.

Program lengths can vary quite a bit, but this is something we discuss in our Discovery Appointment – the initial consultation where we talk about your challenges, your goals and how you want to approach things. This is your show – we’re just here to help.

A Truly YOUniq Program includes consultations with both Dr. Noseworthy, and the YOUniq Wellness Nutritional Coaching Staff, either in office or virtual, throughout the program timeframe. The total number of visits is not set in stone, simply because in complex cases, setting an exact number of visits can be somewhat problematic. But as a general guideline we typically see a client an average of 2 visits per month, plus a couple of extra if needed. So a 5-month program would have 10-12 visits and so on.

Truly YOUniq Wellness Programs are divided into 2 main “stages”. The first half of the program is called the Active Stage, and this is where we do all the initial diagnostics, most of the diet and lifestyle coaching, as well as Dr. Noseworthy’s clinical sessions. The Active Stage is further subdivided into different phases, each with its own set of goals and priorities. Some Active Stage phases may be 3 weeks, others 8, or even 16 – again it all depends on you and the puzzle we are trying to solve.

The second half of the program is called the Maintenance and Monitoring Stage. This is where we have moved past the fundamentals, controlled those additional problems that are YOUniq to you, have helped you create metabolic control and stability, and are now touching base periodically to make sure you stick to your plan and continue to progress. Consultations in this stage are included (as long as you complete the Active Stage) and occur about every 6-8 weeks depending on your progress.

Dr. Noseworthy is more actively involved in the Truly YOUniq Programs compared to the Foundations Program, simply because there are more issues to sort out clinically, more tests to interpret and apply, and more education and oversight is usually required. And while there is no specific visit count, the appointments in the Truly YOUniq Program are typically evenly split between Dr. Noseworthy and the Nutrition Coaching Staff.

Is This Approach Right For Me?

If you have multiple symptoms across multiple system (meaning if feels like everything has hit the fan), have been diagnosed with, or suspect you have an autoimmune issue, hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Lyme’s Disease, mold toxicity, environmental reactivity and so on, then the Truly YOUniq Program is your best choice.

Here is a list of the types of problems that fit well here:

Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism
Depression and/or Anxiety
Head Injury and Concussion
Mold Toxicity
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chemical and Environmental Sensitivity
Any complex and chronic health challenge



Test - Don't Guess

In today’s world of diagnostic testing there is an overwhelming number of options. But you can’t skip steps. That’s why the Truly YOUniq Diagnostic Strategy begins with assessing the fundamentals (through blood labs, saliva and stool testing), but goes beyond to what makes sense for you.

Like other aspects of the Truly YOUniq approach, the Diagnostic Strategy is not set in stone and may branch out from the fundamentals to include one or more of the following:

  • Comprehensive Blood Work

    Functional blood chemistry analysis is the cornerstone of all our wellness programs.  Using both standard lab ranges, as well as ranges that are more specific to optimal wellness, we use blood labs to see where you stand with regards to energy systems, blood sugar control, liver and gallbladder, immune function, thyroid health, vitamin D, inflammation and more. We use national labs like Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics. If you are a client from outside the US let us know so we can make suitable arrangements for you.

  • Saliva Testing

    Adrenal function and hormone balance are best tested through saliva. We use 4 saliva samples taken at key times throughout the day to assess your stress response system (cortisol, DHEA and circadian rhythm) and to screen for the most common hormonal imbalances.

  • DNA_Based Stool Testing

    Your GI system is one of the main keys to health and wellness. It houses about 70% of your immune system and even a healthy gut has critters that are potentially harmful if not controlled. DNA-based stool testing has proven to be the most accurate way to find unwanted bacteria, fungal infections (including Candida), parasites and even intestinal viruses. Best of all – this test requires only a single sample, not two or three.

Comprehensive Blood Work

A full set of labs is indispensable to getting the right starting point.

Saliva Testing

Cortisol x4, DHEA-S

Additional Specialty Labs

Specialty test selection is based on you and your YOUniq needs.

DNA-Based Stool test

The most advanced technology available.
  • Additional Testing

    Specialty lab testing is the key to making the Diagnostic Strategy YOUniq. See below for a list of specialty tests were use on a frequent basis.

LabCorp & Quest

Comprehensive lab testing by two industry leaders

Most insurances use either LabCorp or Quest as their preferred provider. If you don’t have insurance we have a direct account with Labcorp that gives us significant discounts over “retail” prices.

Cyrex Labs

Cyrex™ is a Clinical Immunology Laboratory Specializing in Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity.

Cyrex offers a series of cutting edge testing “arrays” that cover Leaky Gut, Gluten Sensitivity and Cross Reactivity, Systemic Autoimmune Testing, Multiple Pathogen Testing, Environmental Reactivity Screening as well as top tier food sensitivity testing.


The pioneer of salivary-based hormone testing

Saliva testing for the evaluation of
Adrenal Dysfunction
Sleep-Wake Imbalances
Hormonal Imbalances

Real Time Labs

Specializing in testing for urinary Mycotoxins - toxins produced by various species of mold.

Urine test for the presence of:

Diagnostic Solutions

DNA-based stool testing

The GI-MAP™ (GI-Microbial Assay Plus) stool test utilizes cutting edge, FDA-approved DNA technology to assess gut health and how it relates to inflammatory, autoimmune, metabolic, cardiovascular, and other chronic diseases.

Micro DX

Microbiology Dx Lab tests for bacterial, fungal and antibiotic resistant organisms in sinus cultures.

Nasal culture (swab) for the presence of:
Fungal species

Other specialty labs, like Genova Diagnostics, have other tests that may be considered.
  • Single Program Price

    Your investment in the Program, and your health, covers all of your consulting sessions, all of the background research and admin work we have to do behind the scenes, as well as the Truly YOUniq educational curriculum.

  • Consults with either Dr. Noseworthy or the Coaching Staff about every 2 weeks

    Appointments are generally scheduled at predetermined intervals throughout the program. That way nothing slips through the cracks. Appointments are more frequent earlier in the program, since it takes more effort to get things moving in the right direction. Once things stabilize, appointments spread out a little. But not so much that we lose touch.

  • Appointments with Dr. Noseworthy

    Dr. Noseworthy oversees all Truly YOUniq Programs and makes the major decisions on how your program “flows” from start to finish. Most of your appointments with Dr. Noseworthy are 45 minute sessions to review labs results, and at key transitional points working from phase to phase, and priority to priority. Dr. Noseworthy works in close conjunction with the Nutritional Coaching Staff to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Functional Nutrition Consulting

    Whitney, our Functional Nutritionist, is a key part of the YOUniq Wellness Team and handles all of the diet and lifestyle coaching as well as strategies for blood sugar control. You will have frequent contact with her throughout your program to review your progress and to guide you through our YOUniq Wellness Foundations Curriculum. She works in close conjunction with Dr. Noseworthy on all aspects of your program.

  • Mobile App Keeps Us Connected Between Visits

    All of our Programs come with that extra touch – with our mobile App (for Mac and Android phones) you have a direct line of communication with us in between your appointments. If you have a quick question, need clarification, or just want to say hi, you don’t have to wait for your next appointment to do so.

  • Online Store

    Our online store is available at your convenience to order the supplements you need when you need them. Just point, click, and have everything delivered to your door.

  • Lab Testing is NOT Included

    Some people have insurance and some don’t – we will work with you to see if your insurance covers the testing we need. And if not, or if you don’t have insurance, we can arrange the lowest price possible for you by having you pay for labs directly rather than through a middle man (us!). Some labs require prepayment up front but will help you submit invoices to your insurance after the fact.

  • The Truly YOUniq Curriculum

    Dr. Noseworthy has written extensive articles and guides to teach you what you need to know about how to handle the fundamentals of health and wellness. Available only to our Program Clients, the YOUniq Wellness educational curriculum provides you with additional information, education and empowerment that complements what we teach you in your consulting sessions. Give a Client a fish…

  • Web Based Presentations and Webinars

    As a Foundations Program Client you will have access to a series of educational videos that cover more detail and other aspects of the topics we deal with in the Foundations Program. These videos were created and are taught/narrated by Dr. Noseworthy.

  • Don't Live in Florida?

    Distance doesn’t matter anymore. We were one of the first to start using Skype and online meetings to consult with clients long distance. So no matter if you are in Tampa or Taiwan we have you covered. In fact most of our clients are distance clients. Makes it easy for us, and its convenient for you!

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