Hourly Wellness Consulting

Like traditional medicine…only better.

Traditional hourly consulting is a mainstay of modern healthcare. It has its upside, and its downside. But we have taken the most common way healthcare is delivered and made it better.

How? By making sure that if we are not going to see each other frequently, as in one of our more structured YOUniq Wellness Programs, that we at least have enough time to make sure we cover everything that needs to be covered.

Don’t you hate it when you finally feel like your doctor is actually listening to you, but then your appointment is over because there is a backed-up waiting room your doctor has to get to?

Across the USA, the typical doctor visit lasts only 7 minutes! That’s hardly enough time to say hello, let alone explain what’s wrong, what you’ve done that’s worked and not worked, and to really communicate your desire for answers and progress. And after that, with whatever time remains, the doctor has to (or should!) think through your problem to make the best possible recommendations.

Yeah, good luck with that

So how did we fix that dismal situation? By committing to gathering the bulk of your history beforehand, really listening to you during your consultation and setting up our appointments for one full hour. Or two if you want it. And by never, ever double booking.

Is This Approach Right For Me?

If you have already made significant changes to your diet and lifestyle, already have a good handle on healthy lifestyle, but just need that something extra you can’t seem to figure out yourself, then this approach is probably your best choice.

The Initial Consultation is scheduled for 1.5 hours and we arrange for you to get your labs done first so that we can do your history review and initial report of lab findings at the same time. Then we discuss how often we should talk and for how long.

This approach is not designed for people with complex and chronic situations that require a more structured approach.

  • Appointments with Dr. Noseworthy

    Access to the same knowledge and experience as with our full YOUniq Wellness Programs, just in bite-sized pieces as needed.

  • Functional Nutrition Consulting

    Speak with our functionally trained Staff Nutritionist as often as you like. Sessions are scheduled and billed in 30-minute increments and fees are billed at the time of service.

  • Can schedule appointments on demand

    Appointments are generally scheduled monthly, but can be more, or less, frequent at your leisure.

  • Hourly rates without the committment of a full Program

    Fees are due at the time of service. Appointment packages are available with discounted prices for prepayment.

  • Perfect For:

    People who are generally well and need some tweaking to optimize their wellness profile.

Think you need a little more guidance and support? Check out our YOUniq Wellness Foundations Program