Want to Know Why You Are Frustrated with Modern Medicine?

Frustrated with conventional medicine?

If you are like most of my other clients you have been looking for answers in all the wrong places.

In this short video, which explores the Frustration Matrix, you will learn that:

  • What you are looking for (health and where you lost it) is not compatible with what your doctor is looking for (disease and how to medicate it).
  • There is a “gray zone” of dysfunction between “normal” and “disease” where your labs are technically normal but you still have symptoms and suffering. Anyone here gets ignored until something more serious develops.
  • The medical definition of normal is not really normal. Lab ranges are based on a statistical average of sick people taking drugs, which changes their lab values. To your doctor everybody looks sick.
  • Disease is not something that you get, it’s the result of something you lose – control or homeostasis.  As you lose control over your body you move away from health and closer to disease.