YOUniq Wellness - It's all about YOU!

Too many clinics make the same mistake – they treat everyone the same and seek to see more patients year after year. That means less attention to detail and being treated like a number.

First if all, we don’t call our clients “patients”. Why? Because that’s a “sickness” word. We prefer “clients” because we are wellness experts and consultants. Our primary job is to teach you take care of yourself. And while that may require some time and some testing, the focus must always be on you.

You are YOUniq, and your doctors should be treating you that way.

Check out the sections below to understand why YOUniq Wellness is different than what you have seen before, and how we can get success in ways others don’t – no matter where you live in the world.

You Are YOUniq

Nobody is exactly like you. It doesn’t matter if they have the same symptoms, or the same diagnosis. You are biochemically YOUniq and your wellness program should be based on you, and not your symptoms or label. Your best chance of gaining control of your health and improving your quality of life is working with a team that understands your YOUniq-ness and is willing to NOT treat you like a number, or a case.

Our YOUniq Perspective

An old saying goes like this, “If all you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail”. So medical doctors prescribe drugs and surgeons take out parts. Medical specialists are great at treating specific medical pathologies, particularly in emergencies, but fail miserably at wellness. Why? Because despite everything a specialist has learned, your body is not just a collection of parts.

Perspective is everything. Which is why, if you are trying to regain your wellness on your own terms, it is so important to understand the perspective your team is using to help you. But too often there is a mismatch (or two) between what you’re looking for and what a doctor does.

What Are You Looking For?

Medical doctors are looking for a disease to manage, you’re looking to regain your wellness and take care of yourself, naturally if possible. And there is a huge gulf between the two.

Many of our clients are suffering and symptomatic, but have no diagnosable condition. So all they hear is something like:

“Your lab tests are normal.”
Or…”It’s all in your head.”

Well let me tell you that the training and mindset a doctor needs to find how and where you lost your wellness is radically different than finding your diagnosis and matching drug or surgery.

You’re probably tired of still not understanding what’s really wrong, and the last thing you want is another prescription. But hey, when all you have is a hammer… Maybe it’s time to see someone who has the right perspective – who can focus on wellness and not disease.

It’s a Numbers Game

You want to be treated as a YOUniq individual, but most doctors base their treatments on cook-book approaches, symptoms or a diagnosis. Everyone gets the same thing. Why? That’s the way they were trained and it’s easier to run a business when you don’t really have to think too much.

On top of that, the modern insurance system has record low reimbursement levels, so doctors have to double and sometimes triple the number of people they see in a day or week. That’s not good for your health (or theirs).

Our motto is simple…

See fewer people
Spend more time
Do a better job

In a YOUniq Wellness program you are never treated like a number and we know you by name. We build in frequent contacts and allow enough time to review your file before we talk to you so that we don’t need to spend time catching up, only to close your appointment after 7 minutes (the national average). Our appointments are typically 30-45 minutes long, and in the beginning may happen every week, then spread out as you progress.  But usually never more than 3-4 weeks go by in between consults – it just depends on what we’re doing and how you’re progressing.

You’re not just a collection of parts

You instinctively know that you are a whole person and that your doctor should treat you with that in mind. But, there is tremendous pressure in the healthcare field to be some kind of a specialist. But when you lose sight of the big picture you end up thinking that nothing is connected to anything else and that every single symptom or complaint requires a referral to the specialist that handles those things. Our YOUniq Wellness approach honors how your body is designed – as a whole with parts yes, but parts that are all interconnected.

Your gut is connected to your brain, which is connected to your thyroid and other hormones, which is connected to your immune system and so on. Scientific research refers to the Neuro-Endocrine-Immune Supersystem, that’s the interconnections between your brain, hormonal and immune systems, and how they work together to control all systems and functions in your body. A successful wellness program must be designed with this in mind, and it is this perspective, that everything is interconnected and operating under a Master Control System (which may or not be efficient), that should determine testing strategies, how test results are interpreted and what to do about them.

YOUniq Program Design

Everyone knows that diet is key when it comes to health and wellness. But is it enough? Sometimes.

When we look around at what most doctors are doing these days they tend to focus mostly on one thing and not enough on another.

The truth is that with chronic issues, autoimmunity, diabetes, environmental reactions, and situations where it seems like everything is hitting the fan, there are a lot of items to manage. And you can’t afford to leave anything out.

That’s why YOUniq Wellness is built around the major areas of concern that really make a difference, and we pay attention to each of them.

Diagnostic Testing
Diet and Nutritional Coaching
Lifestyle Modifications
Nutritional Supplementation
Education and Empowerment

Anyone can run a test. Anyone can recommend a supplement. But it’s how you put it all together and wrap it up in an educational process that really makes the difference.

All of our YOUniq Wellness programs include lectures, articles and webinars that are all designed to teach you how to take care of yourself. We take responsibility for program design, using your history and your test results, and then we walk you through the process step by step.

Everyone is YOUniq – having said that the fundamentals of human physiology are the same from client to client. This means that baselines, or foundational testing is similar from person to person, but is not exactly identical.

Foundational testing includes comprehensive blood labs, saliva testing for adrenal function and hormones, as well as a high-tech stool testing. But even foundational testing can, and should be individualized. So the exact blood labs we do for one client, or hormones we check, should vary from another client.

But sometimes a client needs more than foundational testing. That’s why we have long standing relationships with the top functional medicine specialty labs in the country, some of which offer tests not available anywhere in the world.

So whether you need only a foundational evaluation, or need and want a more detailed diagnostic strategy, we can help you figure that out and get what you need. Remember that your diagnostic strategy should be as YOUniq as you are.

There is no one-size-fits-all diet that works for everyone. That’s why we have to begin wth a sensible starting point and then modify your diet based on you, and not some pet philosophy or the most recent fad. We have no problems with Zone, Paleo, Paleo-Zone, Primal, Ketogenic, GAPS, Specific Carbohydrate, SIBO, Ancestral and/or Autoimmune Paleo. But none of these diet strategies fit our clients perfectly right out of the box (so to speak – don’t eat things that come in boxes!).

While most of our clients start in the same place with their diets, where each client ends up is always a reflection of them – their preferences, their tolerances and intolerances and most importantly what works!

But a solid diet strategy is only one part of the puzzle. Lifestyle modifications are critical too and may encompass activity and exercise, sleep habits, setting priorities for day to day living, shopping strategies and recognizing the powerful influence of stress on your biochemistry. And that’s a pretty long list, but we have to cover all the bases so we don’t overlook an area we can use to hep you improve. Which means that it can’t all be done at once. So ew usually have to plan and prioritize and work first where it makes the most sense.

The internet is awash with supplementation protocols for everything from toenail fungus to neurodegeneration. But approaches like this make one fatal mistake – nutritional protocols should be based on individuals and their YOUniq biochemistry, and not on a symptom or condition.

YOUniq Wellness is keyed around individualization – and that includes the supplements we recommend. So we don’t have a Thyroid Protocol, a Diabetes Protocol or a Fatigue Protocol. What we do have is a “insert-your-name-here” Protocol.

While you might share similar symptoms with another client, your supplementation protocol will most likely differ because what we want to focus on and change is the CAUSE/MECHANISM of your symptoms, and let that change the symptoms themselves.

By addressing your YOUniq causes, we can optimize your wellness strategy and get the most our of what nature has to offer. And believe me, natural medicine can be powerful indeed. We just need to know what to use for you, meaning you and not your symptoms.

And how do we do that? Well, of course we listen to your symptoms – it would be foolish of us not to. But to really get to th ethings we need to support and change, well, for that we need diagnostic testing. Which brings us all the way back to the first element of the YOUniq Wellness approach.

We use your personal and YOUniq health history, combined with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, to create a wellness program customized to you. That program covers diet and lifestyle modification and nutritional supplementation, all wrapped up in an educational process that will equip and empower you to take care of yourself.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. And the internet is not always a safe place to be, for oh so many reasons.

When you have too many voices and too many cooks in the kitchen, it can lead to massive confusion and analysis/paralysis and poor results.

Granted many people are able to read the latest blog or book and completely change their lives by following the generic advice inside, but that’s the exception rather than the rule. It is completely understandable for anyone to read a book of wellness success stories and think, “Well that should work for me too!”. I sincerely hope it does.

But chances are that if you’re reading this, then that strategy hasn’t worked out for you. Not to worry. With everything I have learned, and taught, about human function, health and wellness over the last 20 years, we don’t expect our clients to figure everything out. That’s our job.

Sometimes you can’t see the pieces of your own puzzle, let alone figure out how to put them together in a way that makes sense.

Sometimes you just need to let an expert guide you through the process, so that you are not burdened with figuring out the why and how, and can spend your energy and effort focusing on the doing.

All of our YOUniq Wellness Programs contain a liberal amount of coaching, mentoring, and hand-holding, as well as little “tough love” when needed! We do our best to make everything as easy as “A-B-C, 1-2-3” whenever possible.

Let us be the experts, so you don’t have to be.

Why Not Let An Expert Guide You?

We work with clients from all over the world, using online meetings and video conferencing systems like Skype and Join.Me

Distance doesn’t matter anymore. Expert help from one of the top functional medicine practitioners is just an email or phone call away?

Yes! I am ready to let an expert guide me and teach me YOUniq-ly.

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Remember…you are YOUniq, and your doctors should be treating you that way!