Wanting to Manage Distance Clients?

Managing clients in the office involves a lot of moving parts – and distance consulting is no different. It’s not as simple as just calling someone long distance or on Skype. Finding the right technologies and tools can leverage your time and productivity, not to mention enlarging the pool of potential clients you can draw from*. But how do you know which tech options will do what you need them to do?
Let me help you get set up right from the start.


9-Week Virtual Consulting On-Ramp Program

This is a 9-week program with 1-hour sessions every week. We start with chatting about what you’re doing right now with distance clients (if anything) to figure out your starting point. Then we begin building your process and technology strategies that fit where you want to go with this.
After we put those in place, we have a couple of dry runs to make sure you know how the pieces flow together with a real life client.

I’ve been doing online consulting since well before it became popular and currently my own practice is almost entirely virtual. I manage clients from home, on the road when I travel and lecture, I’ve even done consults sitting in Starbucks. Yep, it’s nice.

The terrain of Functional Medicine is changing and more practitioners are offering their services online. Let’s make sure you don’t miss out on the growing interest among healthcare consumers who are willing to work with the right practitioner, regardless of location and distance.

  • Do I Need an EMR?

    Paper still works, but the right EMR is feature rich and designed with electronic communication in mind. Choosing an EMR today is not as easy as it was 20 years ago. Let’s make sure that if you’re going electronic you know what you’re looking for. And if you already have an EMR, let’s check to see if it has features you’re not using that can help.

  • How Do I Set Up an Online Meeting?

    Your goal is to recreate the feeling of a face-to-face consult. What features do you need in an online meeting service? How do they work?

  • Is Internet Security an Issue?

    Working with distance clients and sending/receiving information electronically needs to be done with some forethought. It’s easy to unintentionally breach security and create your own problems. But, thankfully it is pretty easy to manage information sharing properly, with the right process.

  • Am I Limited on the Labs I Can Order for a Distance Client?

    Not necessarily. With the right contacts and partners, almost any lab you can order in your home state can be done in other states…even internationally.

  • How Does Distance Consulting Affect Supplement Inventory, Ordering and Shipping?

    There are a variety of options that range from holding your own inventory and shipping in-house, to using some version of drop shipment and order fulfillment centers. The answer depends on how hands-off and how automated you want your process to be.

  • How Do I Communicate Protocols and Recommendations?

    The last thing you want is to miscommunicate your protocols and recommendations, leave things to question or have to repeat yourself over and over. You also want changes to protocols and recommendations to be updated in realtime so your clients have immediate access to their most current, up to date instruction. Good, clean communication is actually simple, with the right tools.

  • Do I Need an Online Store?

    Online stores are a huge advantage for automation and distance consulting. But which option is right for you and how do you set it up?

  • Do I Need Any Dedicated Information Handling Processes?

    Let’s face it – it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks and for follow-ups to not happen. The last thing you want is to look like an amateur, or like you don’t care. Make sure you have the technologies in place to send and receive information from different sources and that you have eyeballs on things that need to be reviewed, recorded and reported.

  • And More...


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*NOTE: This is not a marketing training program. If you need help with marketing I can refer you to some experts you can interview.
Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to understand any restrictions your state places on providing online services based on your license and scope of practice. I can lend my general understanding but don’t take it as legal advice!