Coach With a Leading Functional Medicine Expert

Whether you are new to Functional Medicine, or are already using Func-Med in practice, sometimes another set of eyes really helps.

Setting Yourself Up to Handle Distance Clients

Why limit yourself to clients in your local area? Technology lets you reach out and connect with clients in neighboring cities, states and even in other countries. It’s one thing to say you want a national, or international, clientele, do you know the services and technologies you need to have in place to make that happen? Do you have systems in place to coordinate care at a distance? DO you know how to get labs done with someone in Spain? Well, I can help with that.

Case-by-Case Consulting Service

Whether you’re struggling to crack that complex case, need some additional one-on-one learning, or want to break out of a one-size-fits-all approach to Functional Medicine, Dr. Noseworthy is available to consult on a case-by-case basis.